Getting Started at HNF

no.1Contact Us
With Your Requirements

Contact our Senior Research Associate to discuss your project and evaluate the feasibility of conducting your research at HNF. HNF labs are available to all categories of researchers and scientists. We also have staff that can execute the research or project on your behalf. Let's examine the possibilities.

James A. Griffin

no.2Submit a Proposal and Forms

A project proposal is simply a written narrative describing the nature of your project, your technical objectives, the required equipment, substrates and materials you will use and any special requirements you may have.

In addition, you will need to review our rate structure and submit the appropriate forms. You can download these documents from the listing below.

no.3Complete Our Training Requirements

Providing a safe and healthful work environment is very important at HNF. Our equipment training program is designed to ensure that all persons using our lab are qualified to operate the needed equipment and tools.

Our safety training emphasizes the importance of all laboratory research being conducted safely and in compliance with federal, state and local regulatory requirements.

Our Forms

Here at HNF, we've done our best to make filing the required forms as easy as possible. Our forms are interactive PDFs (when viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader - get Acrobat Reader here) and most of the information required can be typed-in and saved to your computer. If you prefer, any form may be printed and filled-out manually.

However, please note that when signatures are required (Memorandum of Understanding) they must be "live" or handwritten. Currently we do not accept electronic signatures.

Document Title

PDF File

HNF Rate Structure


Memorandum of Undestanding (Live signatures required)


New Project Form


New User Form


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Submitting Completed Forms

You may submit your completed & signed forms by fax, email, postal mail, or hand-delivery as indicated below.

Delivery Method: Email
Send To:
(Hand-signed documents should first be scanned and saved as digital file)

Delivery Method: Fax
Send To:     Attn.: James Griffin - Fax No.:  202-806-5367

Delivery Method: Postal mail or delivery
Send To:     James Griffin, Howard University - HNF, 2300 Sixth St, NW, Room 1124, Washington, DC 20059

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