The NanoExpress

The NanoExpress is a mobile science theme park showcasing some of the latest science and technology at the nano dimension.

The NanoExpress is part of a major campaign, promoted by NNIN, designed to provide information to the public on the current state of research and development in nanotechnology.

The NanoExpress is about expanding the scientific imagination from K to Grey.

The NanoExpress has four experimental areas:
#1 - nanoparticles,
#2 - micro/nanofabrication,
#3 - instruments for nanoscience, and
#4 - charaterization science

Visitors can take a closer look at the basic principles, applications and future prospects of this innovative science or they can also choose to obtain more information on a specific subject area and get involved in real hands on nanotechnology experiments.

The NanoExpress: We Get Around

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